This article showcases example requests to the various data APIs supported by the APIGW.

The API Gateway provides interactive API documentation that allows users to experiment with the APIs in their web browser (see Figure 1). The interactive API documentation can be accessed by entering the hostname for the API Gateway into a browser's address bar. For example, if the API Gateway is running on host, then enter into the browser's address bar. 

Figure 1. Interactive API Documentation

To simplify development, Python bindings can be found on PyPI. The latest version can be installed with the following command:

pip install delphix-api-gateway


This section showcases some examples of querying the Engines endpoint for information about connected Delphix Virtualization Engines. These examples leverage the generated Python bindings:

import delphix.api.gateway

import delphix.api.gateway.configuration

import delphix.api.gateway.api.engines_api

cfg = delphix.api.gateway.configuration.Configuration() = "https://localhost/v1"

# For example purposes

cfg.verify_ssl = False

# Replace the string with your own API key

cfg.api_key['ApiKeyAuth'] = 'apk 3.tEd4DXFce'

api_client = delphix.api.gateway.ApiClient(configuration=cfg)

engines_api =  delphix.api.gateway.api.engines_api.EnginesApi(api_client)


The results will look something like this:

{'errors': [{'message': 'Unable to resolve address for Make sure the '
            'hostname is correct and DNS properly configured.',
 'object_name': 'My VM'}],
 'items': [{'cpu_core_count': 2,
            'data_storage_capacity': 23404216320,
            'data_storage_used': 3618021376,
            'hostname': '',
            'id': '1',
            'memory_size': 8589934592,
            'name': 'main',
            'type': 'VIRTUALIZATION',
            'uuid': '564d526e-b602-763a-bac9-b8aa5b388878',
            'version': ''},
           {'cpu_core_count': 8,
            'data_storage_capacity': 3070633181184,
            'data_storage_used': 2215773570560,
            'hostname': '',
            'id': '3',
            'memory_size': 68719476736,
            'name': 'big',
            'type': 'VIRTUALIZATION',
            'uuid': '564de0d8-1d95-bf26-bec1-fd69bf1f8250',
            'version': ''}]}