Delphix Engines version 6.0.3.X or older do not support communication over a web proxy.

Web proxy support on Engines version 6.0.4.X

On Delphix Engines version 6.0.4.X, if a web proxy is configured for the Engine, outbound connections to Data Control Tower servers ( and will be routed through the web proxy. The Internet Access requirements described in the Getting Started with DCT page then apply to the web proxy and not to the Delphix Engine.

To configure the system web proxy settings go to the Serviceability panel of the Delphix Setup application. Note that configuring a web Proxy in the Serviceability panel will not only affect how communication with Data Control Tower works but also the Phone Home Service and support bundle uploads.

Web proxy support on Engines version or newer

On Delphix Engines version or more recent, communication with Data Control Tower servers ( and can be configured with one of the following proxy modes:

  1. Inherit system web proxy settings.

    In this mode, the web proxy configured for the Delphix Engine is used for both communications with the Data Control Tower and other outbound communication of the Engine (phone home, support bundles). To configure the system web proxy settings go to the Outbound connectivity panel of the Delphix Setup application

  2. Data Control Tower specific proxy

    In this mode, a web proxy is configured specifically for communication with Data Control Tower without affecting the rest of the Engine operations.

  3. No proxy

    In this mode, communication with Data Control Tower from the Engine is direct irrespective of the Engine web proxy settings.

The proxy mode can be selected while Connecting Engines or can be changed once connectivity to Data Control Tower has been enabled with the following steps:

  1. Login to the Delphix Setup application.
  2. In the Data Control Tower panel, click Modify.
  3. In the Proxy Settings section, choose the desired proxy mode and enter additional attributes if necessary.
  4. Click Save.