Enterprises entrust SaaS providers with their data only if they are confident that a provider has rigorous security controls in place to protect the enterprise’s business. Data Control Tower has been built on the best available security technologies and industry-leading security best practices. Adherence to both of these principles gives Data Control Tower operational controls and visibility to ensure customer data is safe and protected against unauthorized access at all times.

Product Architecture

Customer Data is at the core of Data Control Tower behind the layers of protection as shown below:

Data Control Tower is a multi-tenant SaaS solution designed to help our customers manage their Delphix Virtualization and Masking Engine deployments regardless of whether they are deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or in both places simultaneously. Data Control Tower is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Delphix keeps customer data protected, separated, and isolated between tenants. Access to tenant-specific customer data and management capabilities is restricted to authorized users of each tenant.

Key Concepts

  • Delphix Engine - a virtual appliance that can run on-premises or in your public cloud account. The Delphix Engine virtualizes and masks data to provide complete, secure, fully-functional databases that use a fraction of the storage space, with improved agility, manageability, and performance.
  • Delphix Agent - a lightweight component connecting Delphix Engine to the Data Control Tower.
  • dataservices.delphix.com - Browser-based web application to access Delphix managed data infrastructure and related dependencies. This is the URL for Data Control Tower
  • Okta is used as:
    • A Service Provider (SP) endpoint for federation from Customer IdPs (Identity Providers) via SAML.
    • An Authorization Server to secure calls to APIs based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol for both Agents (Agent>API Gateway) and UI (UI>API Gateway).
  • api.delphix.com - an API Gateway handling authentication, authorization, and orchestration of business logic services.

Regulatory Compliance and Certifications

Delphix is aware that compliance with industry-standard security frameworks is important to our customers. Key principles and controls dictated by commonly recognized industry standard compliance, privacy, security, and operational frameworks are taken into account and embedded into Delphix Data Control Tower architecture and implementation. 

Logical Data Separation

Customer Data is logically separated in motion and at rest within each layer of the Data Control Tower. Every communication from a Web browser, API client built by the Customer, or Delphix Agent installed on customer’s Delphix Engine is cryptographically associated with a specific strongly authenticated tenant. Every customer data record is tagged per customer/tenant. Data tagging persists throughout the data lifecycle and is enforced at every layer. Therefore, only the requests authorized to run queries within an authenticated context of a given client/tenant are granted access to such tenant’s data. This restriction applies to all data and all processes, both in transit and at rest. All customer data is persisted in secure backends in encrypted form. These keys are stored in industry-grade hardware security modules (HSMs) and are tightly integrated with backend data storage systems holding customer data. Because each customer’s data is tagged, there is a logical separation between different customers/tenants. The following diagram depicts this multi-tenant architecture with logical data separation. 

Okta is responsible for issuing and validating Delphix Engine’s Agent credentials and access keys, and cryptographically certifying the validity of every interaction between the Agent or User and Delphix Data Control Tower.