From the Audit Trail page, admins are able to view and search audit events initiated from Data Control Tower in the last 45 daysClicking on a job timestamp will expand the audit details. The Audit list is presented in descending chronological order. You can download archived monthly audit logs in CSV by clicking the download button at the top of the page. Each audit item includes the following columns: 

    • Time: the UTC (in millisecond) at which the action/event/change was initiated.
    • Actor: email address of the user. 
    • Event: Name of the event e.g. user_sign_in, with any necessary details.
    • Target: The object(s) upon which the event was executed.

To view Audit logs:

  1. Login to Data Control Tower as a DCT Admin user.
  2. Navigate to the Audit Trail page
  3. To view audit event details, click on the > icon to expand the details