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After profiling and masking data, you want to monitor or audit the process (also known as certifying your data). This alerts you if unmasked data is introduced to a masked database.

For example, if you mask your master customer database once a week, and an input file of unmasked is introduced by mistake, you want to be able to detect that. The purpose of the Delphix Agile Data Masking certification module is to identify such a situation. To do so, you create a Certification job against that database (see "Creating a New Certify Job").

The Certifying job goes through every row in the tables in a rule set and verifies that every value designated for masking in the inventory is masked. The Certification job output lists the fields designated for masking, along with the result of the certification: Clean, Polluted, or Not Applicable. Polluted data indicates that Delphix Agile Data Masking encountered a value that could potentially be an unmasked production value. Not Applicable indicates that Delphix Agile Data Masking was unable to determine whether the value is masked.