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The Delphix Engine 4.1 provides a wealth of features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. 

SAP ASE Support

Support for virtualizing the SAP ASE database platform is new in Delphix Engine 4.1. Existing Delphix workflows are supported, including Linking, VDB Provisioning, VDB Refresh, VDB Rewind, and V2P.

Amazon Web Services / EC2 Support

Support for running in the Amazon cloud is new in Delphix Engine versions and 4.1. All existing Delphix workflows are supported.

Oracle 12c Pluggable Database Support

In the previous release, the Delphix Engine’s support of Oracle 12c was limited to virtualizing databases which did not use the new pluggable database feature. Oracle 12c pluggable databases are now fully supported in Delphix Engine 4.1. Existing Delphix workflows are supported, including pluggable database Linking, Provisioning, VDB Refresh, and VDB Rewind.

Application Data Virtualization on Windows

In the previous release, the Delphix Engine expanded its data management functionality beyond the database by supporting unstructured file virtualization for UNIX environments. In Delphix Engine 4.1 the ability to virtualize unstructured files on Windows environments was added, and the existing Linking and Provisioning workflows are supported.

SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Support for linking to SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups is new in Delphix Engine 4.1. All existing SQL Server Delphix workflows are supported.

Red Gate SQL Backup Support

In the previous release, the Delphix Engine supported native SQL Server backups and Quest/NetVault LiteSpeed backups. New in the Delphix Engine 4.1, backups taken with the Red Gate SQL Backup Pro product are also supported.

Removal of Reservations Feature

In previous Delphix Engine releases, the Delphix Engine provided the infrequently used Reservations feature that allowed for setting the minimum amount of storage space that is allocated to an object, such as a dSource or VDB, or to an entire group.  The feature is managed on the capacity screen accessed through the Resources menu in the Delphix Admin application. Ostensibly this feature was to provide a capability for guaranteeing the availability of storage for an object or group, but it instead created confusion around capacity management and usage thresholds in the Delphix Engine. Consequently, the feature was removed in this release of the Delphix Engine.

Capacity management remains an important function in the Delphix Engine, and the removal of Reservations will enable frequently requested enhancements to be included in future releases, including the ability to move objects between groups and enhanced management capabilities at the user or project level.

Additional Security Settings

security banner can be configured to display customized text whenever a user logs in via the CLI or web UI.

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