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This topic describes how to migrate a SQL Server VDB to a different environment.



Procedure via GUI

  1. Select the VDB you would like to  migrate
  2. Disable VDB 
  3. Select the Migrate VDB icon 
  4. Select the New Environment and Installation
  5. Hit the Check Mark
  6. After job finishes Enable VDB

Procedure via CLI

  1. Select the source associated with the VDB.

    delphix> source
    delphix source > select "vexample"
  2. Select the source config associated with the source.

    delphix source "vexample"> get config
    delphix source "vexample"> /sourceconfig 
    delphix sourceconfig > select "vexample"
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample">
  3. Update the repository to the repository on the target environment for the migration, and the environment user associated with the source config.

    delphix sourceconfig "vexample"> update
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> set repository="new target environment"/"MSSQL instance"
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> set environmentUser="new target environment"/"new target's user"
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> commit
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample">