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This topic describes how to rename the database name on the SQL Server instance for a SQL Server VDB through Delphix.

Database name on SQL Server vs VDB name on Delphix

The database name that is changed in this procedure is what you would see under the SQL Server instance on the target environment and is on the back of the VDB card. The name of the VDB object itself is a name internal to Delphix and is what you see on front of the VDB card.


  • The VDB should be running on the target environment.
  • The SQL Server instance on the target environment where the VDB is should be up and reachable.


  1. Select the source associated with the VDB.


    delphix> source "vexample"
  2. Select the source configassociated with the source.


    delphix source "vexample" > get config
    delphix source "vexample" > /sourceconfig "vexample"
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" >
  3. Update the databaseNameto the new name.


    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" > update
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> set databaseName=newDBName
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample"   update *> commit
    delphix sourceconfig "vexample" >
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