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This topic illustrates the icons that appear on dSources and Virtual Databases (VDBs) in the Delphix Engine Graphic User Interface, and describes the meaning of each, along with tips for clearing those that represent errors.

There is a critical fault associated with the dSource or VDB. See the error logs for more information.
There is a warning fault associated with the dSource or VDB. See the error logs for more information.
The Delphix Engine is checking the VDB status.
The dSource has been deleted or the Source status is UNKNOWN.
The state of the VDB is unknown. This is often associated with a connection error.
The VDB is inactive.
The dSource has been unlinked from the source database.
The VDB is disabled, is in the process of being created, or the creation process has been canceled or failed. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling SAP ASE VDBs.
The VDB is running normally
The dSource is disabled. For more information, see  Enabling and Disabling SAP ASE dSources.
The dSource or VDB is ready for Linux Transformation.
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