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The Delphix Engine 4.3 provides a bounty of features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. 


Delphix now supports MySQL as a data platform. Any customers or prospects with data in MySQL relational databases can now expand their use of Delphix. Our updates cover mySQL DBMS versions 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7 and is available for InnoDB, the most popular storage engine. To find additional information about MySQL, see MySQL to get started. 

Delphix Express

Delphix express is a free version of Delphix available to individuals and small team applications after registering on For additional information about Delphix Express, go to the Delphix Express Quick Start Guide.

Jet Stream EBS Ordered Sources

In the 4.3 Release, customers can provision an instance of Oracle EBS in a single Jet Stream data container. Delphix will allow users to specify the order of operations in which an entire application will be provisioned.To find additional information Jet Stream Ordered Sources, see Ordered Sources. 

Restoration Datasets for EBS 

In the 4.3 Release, users can now recover unmutated copies of data for restoration and backup on Oracle EBS in addition to provisioning data into non-prod environments. To find additional information about Restoration Datasets for EBS, see Restoration Datasets


CHAP authentication will allow secure iSCSI connections, which will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized connections. CHAP can be used by all Windows customers to secure iSCSI connections for windows clients. For more information, see iSCSI Configuration

DSP over SOCKS Proxy

DSP integration with SOCKS leaves the firewall in control of applications and provides a clean connection across a firewall for data transfer. For more information, refer to Configuring Network in Replication. 

Expanded Sources

Expanded Platforms/Clouds/Hypervisors

  • Delphix now provides support for the AWS GovCloud region. Delphix has modified and built our own release process that can now be deployed in the AWS GovCloud infrastructure.  

Technical Improvements

  • The masking engine is integrated into one OVA. We recommend Delphix and Masking in separate VMs even though they are shipped together.
  •  Users can customize the redo log size while provisioning a VDB and disabling the archive log mode. This will improve VDB provision time and runtime performance. 




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