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This API cookbook recipe describes how to obtain a list of available snapshots for a VDB or dSource.

Snapshots represent points in time where a sync operation has occurred on either a dSource or VDB. Provisioning from snapshots is much faster than provisioning between snapshots, as the latter requires replaying LogSync records to arrive at the requested point. Given a reference to a database, the snapshot API can be used to retrieve the set of snapshots within the database. See the topic API Cookbook: List dSources and VDBs for information on how to obtain the database reference.


List Snapshots
curl -X GET -k  \
    -b ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json"

For more information about the structure of a snapshot object, see the /api/#TimeflowSnapshot reference on your local Delphix Engine. Snapshots, while representing point where provisioning will be most efficient, are not the only provisionable points within a database. To get a list of all provisioning points, use the timeflowRange API. This API is based on a timeflow, which is the representation of one timeline within a database. Currently, all databases have a single timeflow, though this may change in the future. To query for the ranges for a particular database, you will need to use the currentTimeflow member of the target database.


List Timeflow Ranges
curl -X POST -k  \
    -b ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json"

1 Comment

  1. The List Timeflow Ranges box should read like this:


        -b ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" <<-EOF


        "type": "TimeflowRangeParameters"