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Using Selective Data Distribution with Masked Data Sources

You can now replicate masked data in a VDB directly to a target Delphix engine without transmitting the unmasked data in its parent source. To learn more or to get started, go to:

Using Jet Stream with Masked Data Sources

The workflows below detail both best practices and troubleshooting for how an admin user can select and use masked data sources within Jet Stream. The figure below shows a dSource which has two masking jobs associated with it, two masked VDBs provisioned from the dSource each masked with a different masking job, and two VDBs provisioned from the masked VDBs. With this set of objects, an admin user would place the parent masked VDBs in a data template and use the child masked VDBs in data containers.

In order to create a data container with masked data as an admin user:

  1. Provision a child masked VDB from the masked parent VDB.
  2. Select the masked child VDB as a source for the container.



To learn more or to get started, go to the Jet Stream Admin Guide and follow the procedures for the following activities: 

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