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This CLI cookbook recipe describes how to Detach and Attach an SAP ASE dSource using the CLI, please note that you cannot detach a dSource from the GUI or the CLI however reattach is strictly through the CLI.


A dSource can only be attached to a new data source once it has been unlinked.
When attaching an SAP ASE dSource to a new data source, the new data source must be the same logical database satisfying the following constraints:
  • Same dbid
  • Same dbname
  • Same creation time

You must also make sure that you follow the normal prerequisites for an SAP ASE data source found in Requirements for SAP ASE Source Hosts and Databases.


Detach a dSource

1. Login to the CLI as delphix_admin or a user with Admin privileges
2. Select the dSource.


delphix> database "dexample"


3. Run the detachSourcecommand, specifying the currently active source.  Note: This step can be skipped if the dSource has already been detached through the GUI.


delphix database "dexample"> detachSource
delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> set source=dexample
delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> commit

Attach a dSource

1. Log into the CLI as delphix_admin or a user with Admin privileges

2. Run the attachSource command.


delphix database "dexample"> attachSource
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.config=source_ASE_servername_example/dexample
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbCredentials.password=sybase 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbUser=sa 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.loadBackupPath=/tmp/backups 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set sourceHostUser="source_host_environment/sybase"
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set stagingHostUser="staging_host_environment/sybase"
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set stagingRepository="staging_ASE_servername_example"
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> edit source.operations.preSync
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync *> add
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync 0 *> get
    type: RunCommandOnSourceOperation (*)
    command: (required)
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync 0 *> set command=# 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync 0 *> back 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync *> back 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> edit source.operations.postSync
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync *> add
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync 0 *> get
    type: RunCommandOnSourceOperation (*)
    command: (required)
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync 0 *> set command=# 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync 0 *> back 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync *> back 
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> ls 
      type: ASEAttachSourceParameters
        type: PasswordCredential
        password: ******** (*)
    dbUser: sa (*)
        type: ASELinkedSource
        name: source_ASE_servername_example (*)
        config: dexample (*)
        externalFilePath: (unset)
        loadBackupPath: /tmp/backups (*)
        loadBackupServerName: source_backupserver_name_example (*)
        monitorLocation: (unset)
            type: LinkedSourceOperations
                    type: RunCommandOnSourceOperation (*)
                    command: # (*)
                    type: RunCommandOnSourceOperation (*)
                    command: # (*)
    sourceHostUser: source_ASE_servername_example/sybase (*)
    stagingHostUser: staging_ASE_servername_example/sybase (*)
    stagingPostScript: (unset)
    stagingPreScript: (unset)
    stagingRepository: staging_ASE_servername_example (*)
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> commit
    Dispatched job JOB-25
    DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job started for "Untitled/dexample".
    DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job for "Untitled/dexample" completed successfully.

Note: this command is only necessary if you are using a Remote Backup Server configuration from staging to source, instead of an NFS mounted shared directory for backups and transaction log dumps:

delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.loadBackupServerName=source_backupserver_name_example