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A dSource can only be attached to a new data source once it has been unlinked.

When attaching a SQL Server dSource to a new data source, the new data source must be the same database satisfying the following containts:

  • Same database name
  • Same recovery fork UUID
  • pptRepository needs to be set to the name of the SQL instance on the staging server. The unlink operation removes the database from the SQL instance on the staging server and unmounts the iscsi luns, reattaching the dSource via the CLI will remount the iscsi luns and puts the database back.


1. Select the dSource.

delphix> database "dexample"

2. Run the detachSourcecommand, specifying the currently active source. This step can be skipped if the dSource has already been detached through the GUI.

delphix database "dexample"> detachSource
delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> set source=dexample
delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> commit 

3. Run the attachSourcecommand.

delphix database "dexample"> attachSource

4. Set the following for SQL Server:

You can also type help pptRepository to see what is wanted 
You can also set pptRepository=<then press tab> to list all values.

delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.config=SQLSERVER/dexample
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.sharedBackupLocation=\\SERVER1\Backups
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set pptRepository=SQL2008R2
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbUser=dbuser
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbCredentials.password=dbuserpwd
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> edit source.operations.preSync
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.preSync *> back
delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> edit source.operations.postSync
delphix database "dexample" attachSource source.operations.postSync *> back

5. Commit the operation.

delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> commit




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