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This topic describes the steps to Refresh a VDB from a specific Timepoint or from Latest.  

You can refresh from any point on Timeflow using SCN, location, or timestamp.


You will need the following information:

  • The VDB name
  • The Timeflow location, SCN, or timestamp of the point you want to provision from. 

Login to CLI:

$ ssh delphix_admin@<delphixengine>

Determine the TimeFlow


> timeflow "<dSource>" timeflowRanges
> commit
> cd  

Perform the Refresh from specific Timepoint

> database 
> select <VDB name> 
> refresh
> set timeflowPointParameters.type= (one of TimeflowPointBookmark, TimeflowPointBookmarkTag, TimeflowPointLocation, TimeflowPointSemantic, TimeflowPointTimestamp as appropriate)
> set timeflowPointParameters.location= (the location, timestamp, or bookmark you wish to refresh to)
> set timeflowPointParameters.timeflow= (the timeflow associated with location)
> commit

Perform the Refresh from Latest

> database 
> select <yourdatabase> 
> refresh
> set timeflowPointParameters.container= (Parent of VDB)
> commit



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