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This topic is an example of using arrays to configure a target host to support multiple IP addresses. The addresses property is an array of strings.


  1. Select the host to update

    delphix> host
    delphix host> select example
    delphix host "example"> update
  2. Set the address:

    delphix host "example" update *> set addresses=,
  3. Get the current addresses, both as a string and as an array object.

    delphix host "example" update *> get addresses, (*)
    delphix host "example" update *> get addresses[0] (*)
    delphix host "example" update *> edit addresses
    delphix host "example" update addresses *> get
  4. Commit the result:

    delphix host "example" update addresses *> commit
    delphix host "example">