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Getting Started

Delphix Engine System Administration

Virtual Database Management with the Delphix Engine

Data Backup and Recovery

Delphix Modernization Engine

Delphix Masking

Virtualizing Unstructured Files in the Delphix Engine

Virtualizing Oracle E-Business Suite in the Delphix Engine


Mission Control

Delphix Express User Guide


Documentation for Previous Versions of the Delphix Engine

Delphix Server 3.0 Documentation
Delphix Server 3.1 Documentation
Delphix Engine 3.2 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.0 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.1 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.2 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.3 Documentation

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These topics describe the object model for the Delphix Engine command line interface.

The Delphix object model is a flexible system for describing arbitrary hierarchies and relationships of objects. In order to enable current and future functionality of the system, the relationship between objects is not always immediately obvious. The CLI is merely a veneer atop the web services layer to ensure that the full complement of functionality expressed by the API is always available, but this requires users to have some understanding of how objects are represented in the system.


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