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Documentation for Previous Versions of the Delphix Engine

Delphix Server 3.0 Documentation
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Delphix Engine 4.0 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.1 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.2 Documentation
Delphix Engine 4.3 Documentation

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The screenshot below shows user entitlement information for Oracle databases.


The following columns will display on the Risk screen:

  • Owner
  • Table name
  • Column name
  • Grantee

Click Create PDF to generate a report.

Ad hoc Reporting on the Delphix Repository

Delphix comes with some sample Adhoc Reports developed using Pentaho Report Designer. The reports run against the Delphix repository and can either be used as is or modified to create new reports to meet your needs.

The included list of reports are:

  • Masking Completed – A report designed to show how much masking work has been completed in the given time period. It defaults to the last month. This report only includes successful jobs.
  • Risk Mitigation – Shows how many sensitive data elements have been masked over the last month
  • Utilization – Shows how many jobs have been run and what sort of jobs they are. It also shows how many jobs have been run by the various Delphix users.