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This topic describes the Oracle Database Management System (DBMS) versions that are supported by Delphix, as well as the compatible operating systems (OS), for use on target and source environments.

Source and Target OS and DBMS Compatibility

The source and target must be running the same DBMS/Operating System combination (for example, Oracle on RHEL 5.2) in order to successfully provision a VDB to the target. If the DBMS versions are compatible, the OS version on a target host can be different from the OS version on the source host.

Supported DBMS Versions

  • Oracle
  • Oracle 10.2
  • Oracle 11.1
  • Oracle 11.2
  • Oracle 12.1


The Delphix Engine has limited support for Oracle and cannot link to a database that has a compatibility setting lower than

Delphix features supported with Oracle







Not ApplicableNo
V2P (virtual to physical)YesNo
Standby DatabaseNoNo


The Delphix Engine does not support Oracle databases using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) that do not have the patch set for Oracle Bug 7207932. This bug is fixed in patch set onward. 

Oracle 12.x

Delphix does not currently support the Oracle 12.x feature of THREADED_EXECUTION being set to TRUE, because this disables OS authentication.

Here is a summary of Delphix features supported and not supported on Oracle12c...


    • Linking from single-instance (non-RAC) and clustered (RAC) 12c PDBs sources
    • Hooks on 12c PDB sources and VPDBs
    • dSources from 12c PDBs on physical standby CDBs
    • dSources from 12c PDBs as JetStream templates
    • Provisioning VPDBs to single-instance (non-RAC) and clustered (RAC) 12c CDBs
    • VPDBs as JetStream templates and/or containers
    • Migrating VPDBs to another compatible 12c CDB and/or another compatible target environment

Not supported

    • Provisioning a "virtual CDB" (i.e. VCBD) on the target database server; Delphix requires that the CDB on the target server be provided to support VPDBs.
    • No VCDB provision means the following are not supported:
      • Customize init.ora database parameter during provisioning of a VPDB
      • Use VDB template for VPDB provisioning
      • Resize number of RAC VPDB cluster nodes
      • Customize online redo log size and group number for VCDB
      • Customize archive log mode for VCDB
      • Customize local listener for non RAC VCDB
      • Set new DBID for VCDB
    • Re-attaching dSources from 12c PDBs, after detaching
    • Resumable SnapSync for the first SnapSync from 12c PDBs
    • Cross-platform provisioning (XPP) to VPDBs
    • V2P from 12c dSources or VPDBs
    • Delphix does not support provisioning from a Oracle 12c dSource when TDE is enabled on the dSource.

Supported Operating Systems

Operating SystemVersionProcessor Family
Solaris9, 10U5 - 10U11, 11U1, 11U2


Solaris10U5 - 10U11, 11U1, 11U2x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

4.7, 4.8, 4.9
5.3 - 5.11
6.0 - 6.6

7.0 - 7.2

Oracle Enterprise Linux5.3 -  5.11
6.0 - 6.6
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server10, 10SP1, 10SP2, 10SP3
11, 11SP1, 11SP2, 11SP3
AIX5.3, 6.1, 7.1Power

11i v2 (11.23)

11i v3 (11.31)


Delphix supports all 64-bit OS environments for source and target, though 64-bit Linux environments also require that a 32-bit version of glibc installed

Required HP-UX patch for Target Servers

  PHNE_37851 - resolves a known bug in HP-UX NFS client prior to HP-UX 11.31.

Required HP-UX patch for Target Servers

  PHNE_37851 - resolves a known bug in HP-UX NFS client prior to HP-UX 11.31.