This topic describes how to add a SQL Server source environment.



  1. Login to the Delphix Admin application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Environments.
  4. Next to Environments, click the green Plus icon.
  5. In the Add Environment dialog, select Windows in the operating system menu.
  6. Select Source.
    1. If you are adding a Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC), add the environment based on which WSFC feature the source databases use:
      1. Failover Cluster Instances
        Add the environment as a standalone source using the cluster name or address.
      2. AlwaysOn Availability Groups
        Add the environment as a cluster source using the cluster name or address.
    2. Otherwise, add the environment as a standalone source.
  7. Select a Connector Environment.
    Connector environments are used as proxy for running discovery on the source. If no connector environments are available for selection, you will need to set them up as described in Adding a SQL Server Standalone Target Environment. Connector environments must:
    • have the Delphix Connector installed
    • be registered with the Delphix Engine from the host machine where they are located.
  8. Enter the Host AddressUsername, and Password for the source environment.
  9. Click Validate Credentials.
  10. Click OK, and then click Yes to confirm the source environment addition request. 

As the new environment is added, you will see multiple jobs running in the Delphix Admin Job History to Create and Discover an environment. In addition, if you are adding a cluster environment, you will see jobs to Create and Discover each node in the cluster and their corresponding hosts. When the jobs are complete, you will see the new environment added to the list in the Environments panel. If you don't see it, click the Refresh icon.

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