The Delphix Engine supports provisioning a variety of versions and configurations of Oracle Enterprise Business Suite R12.1. Below, detailed compatibility notes are outlined.

Note that minor releases of EBS are not certified for Delphix Engine compatibility individually: major release support implies support for any minor release.

To review the requirements for linking an EBS R12.1 instance to the Delphix Engine, see Source EBS R12.1 Instance Requirements.

Operating Systems

  • Linux - SLES 9, 10, 11; RHEL 5, 6, 7, OL 5, 6
  • Solaris - SPARC 9, 10, 11

AIX and HP-UX Not Supported

The Delphix Engine does not support provisioning EBS instances to AIX or HP-UX.

dbTier Requirements

Supported Topologies

  • Oracle SI dbTechStack and Database
    • Oracle10gR2 v10.2.0.5
    • Oracle11gR1 v11.1.0.7
    • Oracle11gR2 v11.2.0.4
    • Oracle12cR1 v12.1.0.2
      • Oracle does not support multi-tenant option for E-Business Suites

Oracle RAC Not Supported

The Delphix Engine does not support provisioning Oracle RAC dbTechStack for use with Oracle E-Business Suites.

However, you can provision an Oracle SI dbTier from a linked EBS instance with an Oracle RAC dbTier. During the provisioning process, the Delphix Engine will relink the dbTechStack for use with an Oracle SI database and scale down the Oracle RAC database to an Oracle SI database.

appsTier Requirements

Supported Topologies

  • Single-node appsTier
  • Multi-node appsTier with a shared APPL_TOP

Non-shared APPL_TOP Not Supported

The Delphix Engine does not provide support for provisioning a multi-node appsTier where the APPL_TOP is not shared between nodes.

appsTier Topology Is Configurable

The appsTier topology of the virtual EBS instance does NOT need to match the appsTier topology of the source EBS instance. The Delphix Engine will automate scale up or scale down logic as required during provisioning.

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