Once you have provisioned a virtual database (VDB) for masking use in the Delphix Engine, you will need to complete the following activities in the Masking Engine. The five primary tasks to be completed are:

  1. Add a masking application.
  2. Add a masking environment.
  3. Add a connector to the newly provisioned VDB.
  4. Create masking rule sets to identify, select, and configure which tables you want to mask.
  5. Run a masking job to mask the data.

Below is a visualization of this data masking user workflow:

Login to the Masking Engine

  1. Login to a web browser that points to  http://<server_or_IPAdress>:8282/dmsuite
  2. Enter default username: delphix_admin.
  3. Enter default user password:  Delphix_123.
  4. The auto default user role is the Administrator role.

User Roles

The Masking Engine has a built-in Administrator role, which gives you complete access to masking functions. As an administrator, you can access, update, and delete all environments, and all objects within those environments. You can also add roles in the roles settings.

Defining new environments and connections requires different privileges than building masking jobs.

Once logged into the Masking Engine, you can complete the activities needed for masking under the Environments tab, seen below:

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