The Domains tab is where you define domains, along with their classification and the default Masking Algorithm.

The Masking Engine includes several default domains and algorithms. These appear the first time you display the Masking Settings tab. Each domain has a classification and masking method assigned to it. You might choose to assign a different algorithm to a domain, but each domain name is unique and can only be associated with one algorithm.

If you create additional algorithms, they will appear in the Algorithms drop-down menu. Because each algorithm you use must have a unique domain, you need to add a domain or reassign an existing domain in order to use any other algorithms.

Procedure for Adding a New Domain

  1. At the top of the Domains tab, click Add Domain.
  2. Enter the new Domain Name.
    The domain name you specify will appear as a menu option on the Inventory screen elsewhere in the Masking Engine. Domain names must be unique.
  3. Select the Classification (informational only). For example, customer-facing data, employee data, or company data.
  4. Select a default Masking Algorithm for the new domain. For information about algorithm settings, see Managing Settings.
  5. Click Save.

To delete any domain, click the Delete icon to the far right of the domain name.