A file format is a template that you can use again and again. This saves you time when creating an inventory for files of the same type. Instead of recreating an inventory for each file, you can create a file format to associate with the files.

The File Format tab displays the file formats that you have created. If you have not created any file formats, the list will be empty.

To create a new file format

  1. Click Create Format at the upper right. The Create File Format window appears.
  2. Enter a File Format Name.
  3. Choose a File Format Type:
    • Delimited File
    • Excel Sheet
    • Fixed Width File
    • Type 19
  4. Optionally, enter a Description.
  5. Click Submit.

To import a new file format

  1. Click Import Format at the upper right. The Import File Format window appears
  2. Select an Import File Type

For a Format Type of Copybook or XML

  1. Select a Connection Mode
  2. Fill out the required fields of the selected Connection Mode
  3. Click Browse
  4. Click the Select button to the right of the desired import file format
  5. Enter a Logical Name
  6. Click Submit

For a Format Type of Delimited File, Excel sheet, or Fixed Width File

  1. Click Select…
  2. Browse for the file from which to import fields.
  3. Click Save.
  • The file must have NO header.
  • Make sure there are no spaces or returns at the end of the last line in the file.
  • To be masked, the field names must be in the same order as they are in the file.

The following is sample file content for Delimited or Excel file formats. With these formats just the field name is provided.(notice there's no header and only a list of values):


The following is sample file content for Fixed Width format. In this format the field name is followed by the length of the field, separated by a comma. (notice there's no header and only a list of values):


To delete a file format

  1. Click the Delete icon to the right of the File Format name.
  2. File inventory is based on file format. Therefore, if you make a change to a file inventory, that change applies to all files that use that format.
  3. You can only add or delete a file format, you cannot edit one.