This article describes how to create alert profiles.

Delphix generates alerts for different events. Users may want to be notified of events based on certain criteria such as the type of event or severity. An alert profile allows a user or group of users to be notified of the desired event. 


  1. ssh into your engine using your delphix_admin username and password 

    ssh delphix_admin@yourdelphixengine
  2. Go into your alerts and list the alerts you already have 

    delphix > alert
    delphix alert > ls
  3. Create your profile 

    delphix alert > profile
    delphix alert profile > create
    delphix alert profile create * > ls
  4. Set Actions and Severity Filter 

    delphix alert profile create *> set actions.0.type=<AlertActionEmailList or AlertActionEmailUser>
    delphix alert profile create *> set actions.0.addresses.0=<email address to send to>
    delphix alert profile create *> set actions.0.addresses.1=<additional email address>
    delphix alert profile create *> set actions.0.addresses.2=<additional email address>
    delphix alert profile create *> ls
    **Prior to Delphix Engine version 5.1
    delphix alert profile create *> set severityFilter=
    delphix alert profile create *> set severityFilter=<AUDIT|WARNING|CRITICAL|INFORMATIONAL>
    **Delphix Engine version 5.1 and beyond
    set severityFilter.severityLevels=<AUDIT|WARNING|CRITICAL|INFORMATIONAL>

    Valid Values for Parameters


    • AlertActionEmailList:  This type of alert is used to create an alert for any number of users. When this type is selected, an email address may be defined in each element of the "actions.0.addresses" array as illustrated above.
    • AlertActionEmailUser: This type of alert is created for the email address of the user currently logged into the command line interface. The "actions.0.addresses" array is not available for this type.


    • AUDIT
  5. Commit your changes 

    delphix alert profile create *> commit


ssh delphix_admin@yourengine
delphix > alert
delphix alert> ls
REFERENCE  TIMESTAMP                 TARGETNAME                                                  EVENTTITLE                                                                     
ALERT-102  2015-01-14T21:00:04.380Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Job complete
ALERT-101  2015-01-14T20:55:57.880Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-100  2015-01-14T19:35:32.958Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-99   2015-01-14T19:35:32.850Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-98   2015-01-14T19:34:58.744Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Error during job execution
ALERT-97   2015-01-14T18:12:01.928Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Job complete
ALERT-96   2015-01-14T18:03:10.664Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Job complete
ALERT-95   2015-01-14T17:16:07.464Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Job complete
ALERT-94   2015-01-14T17:15:55.298Z  ASE/market                                                  Job complete
ALERT-93   2015-01-14T17:15:45.995Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-92   2015-01-14T16:39:33.133Z  Job complete
ALERT-91   2015-01-14T16:38:33.719Z                           Job complete
ALERT-90   2015-01-14T15:47:35.005Z  market                                                      Validated sync failed for dSource
ALERT-89   2015-01-14T15:45:40.895Z  pubs2                                                       Validated sync failed for dSource
ALERT-88   2015-01-14T15:02:14.874Z  ASE/market                                                  Job complete
ALERT-87   2015-01-14T11:33:28.766Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-86   2015-01-13T23:11:46.838Z  ASE/market                                                  Job complete
ALERT-85   2015-01-13T11:30:01.154Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
ALERT-84   2015-01-13T11:07:04.385Z  pubs2                                                       Backup detection failed
ALERT-83   2015-01-12T22:35:18.774Z  pubs2                                                       Backup detection failed
ALERT-82   2015-01-12T11:30:00.063Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Unable to connect to remote database during virtual database policy enforcement
ALERT-81   2015-01-12T11:30:00.054Z  ASE/pubs2                                                   Unable to connect to remote database during dSource policy enforcement
ALERT-80   2015-01-12T08:38:26.983Z  pubs2                                                       Backup detection failed
ALERT-79   2015-01-12T06:04:34.666Z  pubs2                                                       Validated sync failed for dSource
ALERT-78   2015-01-11T11:30:03.393Z  ASE/pubs2VDB                                                Job complete
delphix alert> select ALERT-98
delphix alert "ALERT-98"> ls
    type: Alert
    eventAction: Create the database on the target host.
    eventDescription: DB_EXPORT job for "ASE/pubs2" failed due to an error during execution: Could not find database "pubs2VDB" on target instance "SRC_157_4K", environment "ASE".
    eventSeverity: CRITICAL
    eventTitle: Error during job execution
    reference: ALERT-98
    target: ASE/pubs2
    targetName: ASE/pubs2
    targetObjectType: ASEDBContainer
    timestamp: 2015-01-14T19:34:58.744Z
delphix alert> profile
delphix alert profile> select ALERT_PROFILE-1
delphix alert profile "ALERT_PROFILE-1"> ls
    type: AlertProfile
            type: AlertActionEmailList
            format: HTML
    eventFilter: (empty)
    reference: ALERT_PROFILE-1
    severityFilter: CRITICAL,WARNING
    targetFilter: (empty)
delphix alert profile> create
delphix alert profile create *> set actions.0.type=AlertActionEmailList
delphix alert profile create *> set
delphix alert profile create *> set
delphix alert profile create *> set severityFilter=INFORMATIONAL

*The last piece of the alert profile that needs to be configured is the "targetFilter". This is an array so you can define multiple targets. In the following example, there is a dSource named "pubs2" the user wants to define an alert on. If they try to set the filter to just the name of the dSource itself ("pubs2"), it will warn them that this is ambiguous and gives a hint on how to fully qualify it:

delphix alert profile create *> set targetFilter=pubs2
The name 'pubs2' is ambiguous, specify one of: [ "ASE/pubs2", "pubs2/pubs2", "SRC_157_4K/pubs2" ].
delphix alert profile create *> set targetFilter.0=pubs2/pubs2
delphix alert profile create *> set targetFilter.1=ASE/pubs2
delphix alert profile "ALERT_PROFILE-34" update *> commit

Use the tab button freely to autocomplete and also see available options, for instance, while changing the severityFilter property, you can use the tab key like so:

DELPHIX-4221.dcenter alert profile 'ALERT_PROFILE-1' update *> set severityFilter= <I HIT TAB HERE TO SEE OPTIONS BELOW>


Note on names used in the example

SRC_157_4K: Repository (entity containing the database instances)
ASE: Group name
pubs2: Name of individual database instance

The user set the targetFilter to be equal to "pubs2/pubs2" and "ASE/pubs2" because if you review the "TARGETNAME" column from step 1 above, you will see alerts generated for both of these targets.