This article is to document how to take a Snapshot outside of the normal snapshot policy time using the CLI, you can also do this in the GUI using the camera icon. A Snapshot of a VDB is similar to bookmarking a point in time in the life of the VDB.


  1. ssh into the delphix engine using delphix_admin credentials
  2. Go into databases and select the VDB or dSource you would like to take a Snapshot of 

    ssh delphix_admin@dengine
    delphix > database
    delphix database > select vdb_test
  3. You are now going to sync and commit the operation 

    delphix database "vdb_test" > sync
    delphix database "vdb_test" sync *> commit
  4. You can verify the snapshot by going to snapshots and listing them 

    delphix database "vdb_test" > /snapshot
    delphix snapshot > ls

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