There are various authentication mechanisms that Delphix supports besides signing in via username and password to engines via the GUI, CLI or API. Below, you’ll find documentation for the following capabilities:

  • Auto-authentication via SSH keys: to automatically sign in to the Delphix CLI without requiring user-input credentials
  • LDAP: Directory-based authentication to Delphix engines rather than the default local access.
  • Single Sign-on: Integration and support for identity providers to authenticate users.
  • Kerberos: Authentication for environments and data sources using Kerberos.
  • OAuth2: Offers an alternative, password-less authentication method for API access to the Delphix Engine.

Kerberos Support

Kerberos support is for access to connected environments, rather than the Delphix Engine itself. This is an advanced topic and will require a solid understanding of Delphix concepts and architecture.

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