Log Rotation

Delphix PostgreSQL plugin provides a feature that helps users to manage the log rotation for the plugin logs found within the scratch path, located at  <toolkit path>/Delphix_COMMON_<long id>/plugin/postgres-vsdk_<long plugin id>/<os user>_logs/delphix_postgres_debug.log.

Delphix users can configure the logging mechanism by modifying the parameters defined in the dlpx_postgres_config.ini file that gets created or is already available within the scratch path, located at <toolkit path>/Delphix_COMMON_<long id>/plugin/postgres-vsdk_<long plugin id>/dlpx_postgres_config.ini

This configuration handles the following parameters:

Setting Maximum Size 

Delphix users can set the parameter MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB available in the dlpx_postgres_config.ini file to set the maximum size of the active log file in KB. Once this limit is reached, the plugin will rotate the log. The default/maximum value of this parameter is 10240 KB/10 MB. This parameter accepts only a positive integer value, such as 10240.

Setting Number of Log Files to Retention

Delphix users can set a retention number for the rotated log files using the parameter NUM_OF_FILES_TO_KEEP. The default value of the parameter is 50. That means, the maximum number of rotated log files that will be retained is 50 and each file will be of a size as defined in the MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB parameter. If the number of files exceeds this value, then the old files will be deleted in a FIFO order.


The PGCTLTIMEOUT parameter defines the default limit on the number of seconds to wait for the Postgres startup to complete. This parameter is introduced to compensate for any network latency between the Delphix Engine & the remote host. The default value is set to 600 seconds.