In Delphix, the new API version is 1.11.7. This section describes all API changes since API version 1.11.6, which was released with Delphix

All URL paths are relative to /resources/json/delphix.

What Changed

API ObjectPathTypeNameChange
PgSQLDBClusterConfigConnectivityN/A (value type)API typePgSQLDBClusterConfigConnectivityDeleted.
OracleBaseDBConfig/sourceconfigpropertynonSysCredentialsChanged type from PasswordCredential  to Credential.
OracleLinkFromExternalN/A (value type)propertynonSysCredentialsChanged type from PasswordCredential  to Credential.
ReplicationSecureListN/A (value type)API typeReplicationSecureListNo longer behind feature flag MDD.
SNMPV3Manager/service/snmp/v3/managerpropertyusernameIntroduced a minimum length of 1.
Source/sourcepropertystatusAdded DETACHED to the list of possible values.

What Is New

API ObjectPathTypeNameDescription


/toolkitroot operationschemaDefinitionsGet the platform's JSON schema definitions that plugin schemas can reference.
ASESyncParametersN/A (value type)propertydropAndRecreateDevicesIf this parameter is set to true, it will drop the older devices and create new devices during manual sync operations instead of trying to remap the devices. This might increasethe space utilization on Delphix Engine.
NamedKeyPairCredentialN/A (value type)API typeNamedKeyPairCredentialUsername and key-pair credential.
NamedPasswordCredentialN/A (value type)API typeNamedPasswordCredentialPair of username and password credential.
OracleSyncFromExternalParametersN/A (value type)propertyfilesForFullBackupList of datafiles to take a full backup of. This would be useful in situations where certain datafiles could not be backed up during previous SnapSync due to corruption or because they went offline.

Audience Restriction (SP entity ID, Partner's Entity ID) of this engine as an SSO service provider.


Maximum time difference allowed between a SAML response and the engine's current time, in seconds. If not set, it defaults to 86,400 seconds (one day).


How far in the past to accept authentications to the identity provider, in seconds. If not set, it defaults to 120 seconds.

SupportBundleConfiguration/service/support/bundlepropertymaxActionsMaximum number of actions not referenced anywhere else to include from the metadata store. The most recent such actions are included.
SupportBundleConfiguration/service/support/bundleoperationreadRetrieve the specified SupportBundleConfiguration object.
SupportBundleConfiguration/service/support/bundleoperationupdateUpdate the specified SupportBundleConfiguration object.