This topic describes how to perform the Virtual to Physical (V2P) process with a SQL Server virtual database (VDB).


  1. Log into the Delphix Admin application as a Delphix Admin user, or group or object owner.
  2. Select the dSource or VDB you want to export.
  3. Select the snapshot of the dSource or VDB state you want to export.
  4. If you want to export the state of the database from a specific point in time, slide the LogSync slider on the top of the snapshot card to the right, and then select the point in time from which you want to create the export.
  5. Click V2P or Deploy.

  6. Select the target environment.
  7. Enter the Target  Directory for the export. The target environment should have been added to Delphix previously and should meet all target host requirements, see Windows Database Server Requirements for more information on user requirements for target environments.
    The target directory you enter here must exist in the target environment and the Delphix operating system user listed under the environment must have permission to write to it.
  8. Select an option for Run recovery after V2P.
    If you select No, you can use the scripts that are created in the target environment to manually recover the database at a later time. See Manually Recovering a Database after V2P for more information.
  9. Click Advanced to customize the target directory layout. See Customizing Target Directory Structure for Database Export for more information.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select whether you want to have an email sent to you when the export process completes, and then click Finish.


If you selected No for Run Recovery after V2P, follow the instructions in Manually Recovering a Database after V2P to complete the V2P process.