This topic describes how to refresh an environment.

When a host or cluster has already been configured in the Delphix Admin application as an environment, and is subsequently changed in certain ways, an environment refresh may be required for the Delphix Engine to acknowledge the changes. Example actions that could necessitate an environment refresh include:

  • installing a new database home
  • creating a new database
  • adding a new listener

During environment discovery and environment refreshes, the Delphix Engine pushes a fresh copy of the toolkit to each host environment. Included in the toolkit are:

  • A Java Runtime Environment, or JRE
  • Delphix .JAR files
  • The Delphix hostchecker utility
  • Scripts for managing the environment and/or VDBs
  • Delphix Connector log files (when applicable)

The Delphix Engine then executes some of these scripts to discover information about the objects in your environment, such as where the databases are installed, their names, and information required to connect to them. In some environments (Windows in particular), the scripts are customized to fit the customer’s environment.