User Interface

The new user interface is organized to provide a better-performing interface for navigating your list of dSources, VDBs, and vFiles. StatusTimeFlow, and Configuration are no longer cards but tabs, and the Refresh button has moved to the TimeFlow pane.

VDB icons have changed to represent datasets. You can quickly create a new dataset group or add a new dataset by clicking the plus button. You can also filter and locate a particular dataset. By reading further, you will learn where each of these improvements is located.

The screenshot below provides a visual orientation along with descriptive narratives to help you navigate to activities and viewing panels.

console1 new.png

Admin Console

 Datasets panel – The left-hand pane of the admin console allows you to collapse or expand groups to view dSources, VDBs, and vFiles associated with each group.

 Add button – Click this button to add dataset groups, add dSources, or create vFiles.

  Information pane – The right-hand pane of the admin console provides displays information for about the selected dSource, VDB, or vFiles.

Datasets Pane

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Information Pane

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