• Create a Delphix Engine Instance.

  • Create a HANA Instance 

IP address for HANA AWS instance (Delphix Engine and HANA instances should be within same AWS VPC so can reach each other via private IP internal to VPC)


  1. Login to the Delphix Admin application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Environments.
  4. Next to Environments, click the green Plus icon.
  5. In the Add Environment dialog, select Unix/Linux in the operating system menu.
  6. Select Standalone Host
  7. Enter the Host Address, this is the IP address for the HANA instance.
  8. Enter an optional Name for the environment. 
  9. Enter the SSH port. 
    The default value is 22.
  10. Enter a Username for the environment. For example a database admin user is usually <SID>adm as “hdbadm”.

  11. Select Public Key for the Login Type.

    Note: The public key needs to be added only once per user and per environment.

    You can also add public key authentication to an environment user's profile by using the command line interface, as explained in the topic CLI Cookbook: Setting Up SSH Key Authentication for UNIX Environment Users.

  12. To add a Delphix public key on HANA instance as  database admin user, which is typically <SID>adm (for example “hdbadm”)  in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

    1. Run chmod 600 authorized_keys to enable read and write privileges for your user.
    2. Run chmod 755 ~ to make your home directory writable only by your user.
  13. Enter a Toolkit Path.
  14. Click OK.

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