This topic describes basic concepts behind migrating Oracle databases from Unix to Linux platforms. This feature is available in the Delphix Agile Migration Package. Contact for more information about obtaining this package.

Delphix Engine cross-platform provisioning automates existing Oracle best practices to create a Linux Oracle database with the same structure and data as an existing Unix Oracle database.  The process uses the underlying Oracle Transportable Tablespaces and RMAN CONVERT DATAFILES technologies to efficiently convert Oracle datafiles to the Linux format. In addition, the Delphix Engine cross-platform provisioning functionality utilizes algorithms that are unique to the  Delphix File System (DxFS) to detect similarities between the Unix datafiles and converted Linux datafiles, allowing the converted database to be stored in less than 5/100 of the space that would normally be required.


The underlying Oracle technology used to transform to Linux imposes several requirements, including:

  • Encryption can not be used
  • Tablespace Transport Set must be self-contained
  • Tablespaces with XML types can not be used before Oracle version 11.2
  • Advanced queues versions 8 or later
  • Spatial indexes can not be used before Oracle version 11.2 

These requirements are checked by Transformation Validation, as described in Enabling Oracle dSources for Cross-Platform Provisioning. Creating Scripts for Cross-Platform Provisioning describes how to modify the database to meet these requirements.