1. Verify that a listener is running on the source or target environment that you are investigating.

  2. Login to the Delphix engine as delphix_admin or another user with administrative privileges.

  3. Click Manage.

  4. Select Environments.

  5. Click on the environment which you are troubleshooting.
  6. In the lower right-hand corner of the Environment Details tab, locate the Listeners section. Verify that the listener for the source or target system is listed there.
  7. If a listener is not listed, it may be due to insufficient privileges on the part of the environment user that the engine is using. Verify that the proper sudo permissions have been granted for the user, or adjust them as necessary.
  8. If you need to add another listener, you can do so manually.
    1. Click the plus (+) sign.
    2. Enter the appropriate values using the above image as a reference.