When you add an environment with the Delphix Admin application, all Oracle database instances that are running on it are automatically discovered. These include multitenant container database instances. However, pluggable databases are not discovered. This topic describes how to discover Oracle pluggable database in the Oracle environment.



  1. Login into the Delphix Admin application using Delphix Admin credentials
  2. Select Manage > Environments.
  3. Click Databases.
  4. Choose the installation which has the multitenant container database and click the Up icon next to the the installation path to show details.
  5. Click "Discover CDB" next to the multitenant container database.
  6. Enter the credentials for the multitenant container database and click the Check icon.
  7. After pluggable databases are discovered, an Up button appears next the the container database. Click on it to see all discovered pluggable databases.