This topic describes how to manually refresh a virtual database (VDB).

Refreshing a VDB will re-provision it from the dSource. As with the normal provisioning process, you can choose to refresh the VDB from a snapshot or a specific point in time. However, you should be aware that refreshing a VDB would delete any changes that have been made to it over time. When you refresh a VDB, you are essentially re-setting it to the state you select during the refresh process. You can refresh a VDB manually, as described in this topic, or you can set a VDB refresh policy, as described in the topics Managing Policies: An OverviewCreating Custom Policies, and Creating Policy Templates.

Although the VDB no longer contains the previous contents, the previous Snapshots and TimeFlow still remain in Delphix and are accessible through the Command Line Interface (CLI).


To refresh a VDB, you must have the following permissions:
  • PROVISIONER permissions on the dSource associated with the VDB
  • PROVISIONER permissions on the group that contains the VDB
  • Owner permissions on the VDB itself
  • Data is a role which allows DB_ROLLBACK, DB_REFRESH, READ_ACTION, DB_SYNC, JOB_CANCEL.
  • Read is a role which allows the user to inspect objects via the READ_ACTION permission.

A user with Delphix Admin credentials can perform a VDB Refresh on any VDB in the system.


  1. Login to the Delphix Admin application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select My Datasets.
  4. Select the VDB you want to refresh.
  5. Click the TimeFlow tab.
  6. Click the Refresh VDB button.
    This will open the screen to re-provision the VDB.
  7. Select desired refresh point snapshot or slide the display LogSync timeline to pick a point-in-time to refresh from.
  8. Click Refresh VDB

  9. Click Yes to confirm.

    Refresh VDB confirmation