This topic describes the process of replicating a virtual Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) instance.


  1. Login to the source Delphix Engine's Delphix Admin application using Delphix Admin credentials.

  2. Configure replication between the source Delphix Engine and a target Delphix Engine.
    For a detailed outline of the replication process, see Configuring Replication.

  3. Select the  dbTechStack vFiles VDB , and  appsTier   vFiles objects to be replicated.
    These objects have dependencies on all other Delphix Engine objects relevant to the virtual EBS instance: you do not need to specify any additional objects for EBS replication.

  4. Schedule or perform the replication.


  1. Login to the target Delphix Engine's Delphix Admin application using Delphix Admin credentials.
  2. Failover the replica dbTechStack vFiles VDB , and  appsTier   vFiles. Failing over these object will sever future replication, but will not enable the datasets.
    For a detailed outline of the failover process, see Failing Over a Replica.
  3. Enable the dbTier and appsTier environments.
    1. Click Manage.
    2. Select Environments.

    3. For each environment, move the slider control from Disabled to  Enabled .

  4. Enable the virtual EBS instance by following the procedure outlined in Enabling and Disabling a Virtual EBS Instance.

Provisioning from a Replicated EBS Instance

You can provision new virtual EBS instances from replicated datasets regardless of whether these datasets have been failed over. The provisioning process for each version of EBS is outlined in Virtualizing Oracle E-Business Suite. For more information about provisioning from replicated datasets, see Provisioning from Replicated Data Sources or VDBs.

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