Using Selective Data Distribution with Masked Data Sources

You can now replicate masked data in a VDB directly to a target Delphix engine without transmitting the unmasked data in its parent source. To learn more or to get started, go to:

Using Jet Stream with Masked Data Sources

The diagram below illustrates the steps for using masked data sources in Jet Stream.

Step 1: Provision a masked VDB on the source.

Step 2: Use SDD to replicate masked data to the target.

Step 3: On the target, provision a "new" VDB from the replica masked VDB.

Step 4: Create a Jet Stream data template on the target.

Step 5: Provision child VDBs from the “new” VDB.

Step 6: Add Jet Stream data containers and select the child VDBs as data sources.

For more details on using masked data sources within Jet Stream, see Using Masked Data Sources in Jet Stream.

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