The Delphix Masking Engine is a multi-user, browser-based web application that provides complete, secure, and scalable software for your data masking and tokenization needs, while meeting enterprise-class infrastructure requirements. There are several advantages to using Delphix to mask your data:

  • Risk reduction — By using masked data that is suitable for a large number of business activities, instead of copies of the real data, the risk of a data breach is greatly reduced. Instead of having 20 databases with sensitive data to be secured, you can have just one.
  • Automated identification of sensitive data (profiling) — The Delphix Profiler identifies the location of sensitive data automatically across all your databases, copybooks, and files, the time-consuming work associated with a data masking project is reduced significantly.
  • Faster masking of sensitive data — Delphix is 10x faster in securing your data because of its easy-to-use web browser interface and the fact that there is no programming required!
  • Referential integrity — Delphix's patented, repeatable deterministic algorithms automatically maintain referential integrity, not only within a database but across heterogeneous databases and file types.
  • Leverage investment — The Delphix Masking Engine can automatically create mappings based on the inventory of sensitive data. This allows you to use the powerful Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) engine within your existing infrastructure, without needing to code and maintain hundreds or thousands of jobs. Another major advantage is that you can use the masking algorithms deployed as mapplets, use provided mapplets, or write your own mapplets to use with the Masking Engine.
  • Safe data sharing — By sharing masked data safely and easily, relationships with partners, third parties, and outside vendors improve.
  • Lowers costs — By automating the entire masking process, securing only essential data, and provisioning only the data you need, costs to secure sensitive data are greatly reduced.