The Capacity Management screen can be reached via the Capacity item in the Resources menu. This screen shows how storage capacity is allocated for dSources, VDBs and Snapshots, and permits storage space to be reclaimed through deletion of objects and Snapshots.

The Capacity screen has two modes, Grid view, which opens first, and Graph view.  

Grid View

Grid Columns

In Grid view, Delphix displays a set of information about each object tracked by the system.  Objects can be dSources, VDBs and the Snapshots taken from dSources and VDBs. Each of these types of objects takes up space on the system.  For each object, the following columns are displayed:

  • Name - name of the object
  • Date - late of last change of the object
  • Quota - maximum allocated space or "ceiling"
  • Reservation - minimum reserved space, or "floor"
  • Used  - space actually used by the object
  • Unvirtualized - estimate of space used if the data were unvirtualized
  • Ratio  - shows Delphix Engine space usage to unvirtualized space usage
  • Keep Until  - lets a Delphix administrator manage snapshot retention

Summary Metrics

Summary metrics appear below the grid.  These consist of:

Summary MetricNotes
dSource RatioThe sum of unvirtualized sizes of all dSources : the sum of space used by the current copies of all dSources.Shows the space saved by Delphix across all dSources.
VDB RatioThe sum of unvirtualized sizes of all VDBs : The sum of space used by the current copies of all VDBs.Shows the space saved by Delphix across all VDBs.
TimeFlow RatioThe sum of all snapshots x their unvirtualized size : the sum of space used by all snapshots, archive logs, and temp files.Shows the space saved by Delphix across all snapshots, archive logs, etc.
Total CapacityThe total capacity of the Delphix Engine.Shows the total disk space visible to the Delphix Engine.
System Reserved SpaceThe amount of space reserved for internal use.Shows the amount of the total capacity that is unavailable for storage of objects.
Total Capacity of Objects Selected for DeletionBased on the rows selected in the grid, above. Shows the amount of space that will be freed by deleting the selected items.

Graph View 

Capacity Graph

For a graphic view of objects and the available storage space over time, click "Graph View" in the upper right hand corner of the Grid View screen.

The resulting bar graphs show the used space compared to the reserved space. Green represents available space.

Note that group and object allocations (Quotas and Reservations) create a "set-aside" of storage space whether or not the space is used. Allocations can cause the Delphix Engine to report an issue with space usage, even though the space is only reserved, not used.

Set quota and reservation levels carefully. As a group or VDB approaches the quota value, snapshots may fail, and logs may not be captured, causing LogSync to fail. If an archive log cannot be written to a Snapshot, the Delphix Engine will eventually halt.