This topic describes considerations for upgrading VM Tools and Hardware.

Every release of Delphix Engine includes updates to VM Tools that are current with the latest version of vSphere. You should not attempt a manual update of VM Tools after upgrading to a new version of vSphere.

If you need to update to a new version of virtual hardware after a vSphere upgrade, you can do so without impact to the Delphix Engine. However, unless you need a specific virtual hardware feature, it is best avoid this update. This is a permanent change that will prevent you from being able to run the Delphix Engine on older

vSphere versions.

If you are considering an upgrade to vSphere 8, there are two features relevant to the Delphix virtual machine. vSphere 8 supports 256GB of RAM and 8 CPUs for the virtual machine. If you don’t need this much memory and processor support, or don’t have the appropriate vSphere and Delphix licenses to utilize this amount of memory and processor support, you should avoid an upgrade to vSphere 8.