Using Selective Data Distribution with Masked Data Sources

You can now replicate masked data in a VDB directly to a target Delphix Engine without transmitting the unmasked data in its parent source. To learn more or to get started, go to:

Using Delphix Self-Service with Masked Data Sources

The diagram below illustrates the steps for using masked data sources in Delphix Self-Service (previously known as Jet Stream).

Step 1: Provision a masked VDB on the source.

Step 2: Use SDD to replicate masked data to the target.

Step 3: On the target, provision a "new" VDB from the replica masked VDB.

Step 4: Create a Delphix Self-Service data template on the target.

Step 5: Provision child VDBs from the “new” VDB.

Step 6: Add Delphix Self-Service data containers and select the child VDBs as data sources.

For more  details on using masked data sources within Delphix Self-Service, see  Using Masked Data Sources with Delphix Self-Service.

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