Deprecated Features

In this release the following features were deprecated:

Data Sources

Data Source
Deprecated Release
Oracle 9i5.2

Operating Systems

Data Source/Operating System
Deprecated Release
Oracle/Solaris 9 x865.2
Oracle/Solaris 9 SPARC5.2
Oracle/HP-UX 11.235.2
SQL Server/Windows Server 20035.2
ASE/SLES 105.2
ASE/Solaris 9 x865.2
ASE/Solaris 9 SPARC5.2
ASE/AIX 5.35.2

Masking Integrations

Masking Integration
Deprecated Release
Oracle 9i5.1.7.0
Microsoft Access5.2

Masking Features

Masking Feature
Deprecated Release
Provision Jobs5.2
Certify Jobs5.2


Deprecated Release
ESXi 3.55.2
ESXi 4.05.2
ESXi 4.15.2
ESXi 5.05.2

Browsers/Operating Systems

Operating System
Deprecated Release
Windows XP Professional SP3All5.2
Windows Vista SP2All5.2
AllInternet Explorer 9.x, 10.x5.2

Removed Features

No features have been removed in this release.