This topic describes the function of the delphix_admin and sysadmin roles.

After installation, the Delphix Engine creates a sysadmin user with the initial password sysadmin. The sysadmin launches the initial Delphix Setup configuration application and has access to a command-line system administration console. Through the command line console or the ServerSetup application the sysadmin can also undertake typical system administration duties such as managing memory, storage, and support logs for the Delphix Engine, and performing upgrades and patches.

When the Delphix Management application launches, the delphix_admin can log in using the username delphix_admin and password delphix.

After initial configuration, the delphix_admin user manages the Delphix Engine's user data objects: dSources, virtual databases (VDBs), users, groups, and related policies and resources, all collectively referred to as the Delphix Engine Domain. The delphix_admin user manages the Delphix Engine domain using either the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the browser-based Delphix Management application.

Email addresses are required inputs for both the sysadmin and delphix_admin accounts, and you can create additional sysadmin and delphix_admin users as described in the topics under Managing System Administrators.