The Dashboard screen displays important information at a glance. It appears when you first login to the Delphix Management application, and you can return to the dashboard at any time by clicking Delphix Management in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

The dashboard's quadrants make it easy to manage multiple datasets at a time by displaying crucial information at a glance. They offer the following information, as shown in the screenshot below:

 Dataset Performance - Click View to go to the Dataset Performance screen.

    • The dotted line at the top represents your maximum network throughput.
    • To identify which dataset a line represents, hover over it.

 Capacity Management - Click View to go to the Storage Capacity screen.

 Faults - This section lists all recent faults that may require your attention. Click View to go to the Faults screen. As shown below, listed faults can be expanded to display fault details. From here users can decide to Resolve or Ignore the selected fault.

 Quick Links - Provides quick links to provision wizards.

A informational only breakdown of how many of each type of object you have: Environments, dSources, VDBs, and vFiles. Note: Non Admin users will not see this section.