Chapter Overview

This chapter demonstrates how Delphix allows you to quickly upgrade your applications with the freshest data and with minimal downtime. We will be using the Oracle Application Express 'Upgrade' functionality to simulate an application upgrade. As a relatable example, this exercise is similar to a developer upgrading their version of Node.js. First, we will work through the Oracle Application Express windows to enable our application for edits. Then, we will go back into the application and simulate an upgrade for your "production-like" application.

Chapter Guide

Upgrading the Application

1) First, log in to the Oracle Application Express Development Studio as a developer user. Either click the "Development Studio" link in the free trial welcome page, or just append the string "studio" to the URL for the Development Application. This page simulates an application studio environment where users can make administrative level edits to their application. Enter "DELPHIX_DEMO" as your workspace and log in with the development credentials.

2) We will be walking through the Oracle Application Express admin interface to simulate an application upgrade. After logging in, click the App Builder icon.

3) Then, click on the new 'Pencil' icon which appears when you hover over 'Demo Projects'. 

4) Now, go to the Utilities page.

5) Then, click on 'Upgrade Application'.

6) Now you'll see many candidate objects, click on the number in the row for 'Enable Save Public Report for Interactive Reports'.

7) Select all the items and click the blue 'Upgrade' button.

8) You should see a green bar that indicates a successful upgrade. Go back to your development application and see that it is still up and running. You've just successfully upgraded a 'production-like' development environment!

9) Within Delphix, you can even create a bookmark at this point in time and name it 'Upgraded Public Reports' which saves that upgraded state to share with other team members or reference for yourself. Log in as the developer user, and click the most recent point in time.

10) Click the 'Bookmark' button to pop up the 'Create Bookmark' form. Title it 'Upgraded Public Reports' and click 'Create'.

11) You can now access this bookmark or share it with team members very easily! This shows just how easy it is to capture the state of data at a certain point in time with Delphix.