Chapter Overview

This chapter demonstrates how Delphix enables quick modifications to your applications. With Delphix, you can bookmark specific points in time and share that snapshot of data with any relevant stakeholders. In this portion, we will edit the header of your development application and create a 'bookmark' within Delphix, which we will tag as a release candidate. This bookmark will then be shared with a QA user, who will use Delphix to access the 'bookmark' created by the developer user. This allows engineers to quickly share exact snapshots of data with their fellow team members!

Chapter Guide

Quickly and Easily Modify Your Applications

In this section you will see the ability to make modifications to your application and quickly refresh them with Delphix.

1) First, go to the Development Application Studio, enter "DELPHIX_DEMO" as your workspace and log in with the development credentials. Here, we will be simulating an edit to the application through the Application Studio interface.

2) As in chapter 2, click the App Builder.

3) Then, click the edit pencil icon for your Demo Project.

4) Then go to the 'Home' button on the bottom portion of the page.

5) On the right side, change the 'Title' property in the Identification section to whatever you'd like. (Hint: 'Delphix Rocks!' would be a great title). This change simulates making an actual change to your application. In reality, this could be anything from a bug fix to a new feature!

6) Then, click save, and either hit the build button or refresh your browser tab with the development application.

7) You'll see the title of the tab has changed to what you just inputed. You can even play around with editing the application as you please.

8) Now, in a new window/tab go to Delphix and log in as the Developer user. As done previously, select the most recent point in time to enable creating a bookmark at this point in time.

9) We'll create another bookmark, and name it as a release candidate "RC 12345". Let's add a tag 'RC 12345' to the bookmark as well. Since it's ready for testing, hover over the new bookmark, click, and hit share. Now this bookmark of data will be available to whoever has access to this container of data if they search for 'RC 12345'! This step shows how the data and state of the application that you have at this point in time can be saved for easy access and sharing in the future.

10) Select the bookmark and hit the 'share' icon to enable sharing with other users with access to this container.

11) Now, your team members can see this bookmark and will be able to easily access the data in this state. Log out and try logging in now as the 'qa' user.

12) Scroll to the bottom of the page, select the 'Bookmarks' button the side navigation panel, and check the 'Available' icon. This will show you the bookmark 'RC 12345' which the developer just shared with you! Notice that we don't see the 'Upgraded Reports' bookmark, since that was not shared with the qa user.

Now you've seen a preview of how easy it is to share states of data across teams. In the next chapter, we'll dive into how the qa user will use Delphix to optimize their workflow of testing developer changes and sharing data back with their development teams.