Environment Overview

The Delphix Free Trial environment in hosted in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) consisting of one VPC and subnet, and four EC2 instances:

  • Delphix Engine 
  • Production Instance
  • Development Instance
  • QA Instance

Architectural Diagram

About the Application Stack

The application in this environment is a sample project management developed leveraging Oracle Application Express (APEX). APEX is a rapid web application development tool created by Oracle. The project management application is the example product created by following the APEX advanced tutorials.

A Little about APEX

Oracle APEX is a stateless application where all application code and data resides inside of an Oracle Database. The application consists of over 400 database tables and over 200 PL/SQL packages. APEX allows us to edit, test, run, and build the application via a standard web browser, for that we need a web server. The are a few different web server configurations available for APEX. In this free trial environment, we leverage the Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) deployed to Apache Tomcat.

You can learn a lot more about Oracle APEX at the following link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/index.html

What is installed on the Production system?

The production system is an Oracle Enterprise Linux server with Oracle database, Oracle APEX, and Apache Tomcat installed.

What is installed on the Dev and QA systems?

The Dev and QA systems are Oracle Enterprise Linux servers with Oracle Database and Apache Tomcat installed. Oracle APEX has not been installed on these servers, and Oracle Database and Apache Tomcat are installed, but not populated with any data.

What is the function of Delphix in this environment?