• The primary and secondary system are both installed and configured. You have verified that both are independently up and running.
  • The configuration of hosts in the primary and secondary systems must be the same, except they have been installed on different hosts.
  • The software version of the secondary has to be equal or newer than the version on the primary in a replication configuration supported by HANA.
  • The secondary system must have the same SAP system ID, <SID> and instance number as the primary system.
  • The primary replicates all relevant license information to the secondary. An additional license is not required.
  • The hostname of the source and staging server should be resolvable by DNS.
  • The logshipping_timeout should be adjusted from its default 30 to 120 seconds.
  • The host must meet the minimum hardware requirements for HANA as defined by SAP.


  • Set up system replication on primary as follows:

    1. Start the primary system.

    2. Create an initial data backup or storage snapshot on the primary system.

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